A Fast Fish with a Huge Impact on Cancer and Metabolic Disease Therapeutics


Hugel is a global biopharmaceutical company, specializing in the aesthetic market with its proprietary botulinum toxin formulation. Based on its own success history of evolving from a venture to a global company, Hugel has been incubating innovative ventures as a venture accelerator. Since the beginning of ImmunoForge, Hugel has been its financial and strategic accelerator.


ImmunoForge is a spin-off company of Gachon University. Prof. Sung-Min Ahn, one of two CEOs of ImmunoForge, is an associate professor of Gachon University. Also, the sarcopenia-related patent was transferred from Gachon Univ. to ImmunoForge for commercialization. 

DGMIF, a government research institute, provides R&D support for the development of new drugs and medical devices. ImmunoForge has licensed in kinase library patents from DGMIF, and has been working closely with DGMIF to develop targeted cancer agents.


Elasmogen is a UK-based biopharma company with its proprietary NDure half-life extension technology. ImmunoForge has licensed in this technology to develop two first-in-class dual hybrid agonists. PF1802, the first dual hybrid agonist under development targets neurodegenerative diseases. 


PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals is a Nasdaq-registered company focusing on the development and commercialization of novel therapies for orphan diseases. ImmunoForge has licensed in the global rights of a long-acting, recombinant GLP-1 analogue (PF1801) from PhaseBio. ImmunoForge, based on its new use invention of GLP-1, is repositioning PF1801 for various indications. 


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